From A...berdeen to Z...aragossa

Our Own Logistics Company

We are here for you if you need us!!!

We have our own temperature controlled trucks should you require. We want to ensure that your goods get to you in the best condition possible, in order to ensure we are not reliant on the availability or extensive delivery charges, we have our own small fleet of thermo-trucks.
Of course, this is simply an additional service we have come up with for you - if you have your own trucks or logistics partner, feel free! 

Call now!

Let us know what it is you need so we can streamline our service offers for what it is you actually need. +49 2839 56399-11

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Blumengroßhandel Walter Fegers
t: +49 2839 56399-11
f: +49 2839 56399-19

Box R-1031-1035, Veilingsstr. A2,
D-47638 Straelen-Herongen


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