First-Class Service

We know your needs are just as individual as the number of plants on offer!

Professional First-Class Service for your needs!

Our highly skilled and qualified team know eactly how to optimise your goods. We offer labelling, repacking and a whole number of other cost and time-saving services.

  • 24 Hour Delivery and  ... Abholung we are there when you need us! We understand that normal operating hourse do not always coincide with your daily business - which is why we are available outside those hours too. 
  • Cross-docking & CC-Controlling Container exchange with growers and our CC-Controlling Service offer you massive time saving possibilities.
  • Is what you ordered really on the CCs?  Our trained staff are on hand to cross-check your order and make sure that not only the quantity but also the quality of the goods ordered are to your standards. 
  • Repacking sometimes the trollies ordered are not really packed efficiently for transportation purposes - as such, we can repack the trollies for you making sure that the transport costs are reduced - helping you save money and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Commisioning
  • Labelling
  • Packing
  • Persönliche Betreuung wir nehmen uns Zeit für Ihre Wünsche und Erwartungen und beraten Sie gerne persönlich bei allen Fragen zu unsere Serviceleistungen.
  • Hohes Engagement wir setzen uns für Sie und für Ihr Gutimmer ein überzeugendes Ergebnis. Flexibel, Preiswert und Zuverlässig.


Sprechen Sie uns jetzt an damit wir Gemeinsam die bestmöglichen Abläufe und Service-Leistungen für ihren Betrieb entwickeln können. +49 2839 56399-11

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Blumengroßhandel Walter Fegers
t: +49 2839 56399-11
f: +49 2839 56399-19

Box R-1031-1035, Veilingsstr. A2,
D-47638 Straelen-Herongen


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